Artwork design and pack management is perhaps one of the most challenging functions to be effectively handled, managed and run by most life sciences and Pharma companies. Considering the cultural norms of UAE and MENA, there will be significant Regulatory procedural challenges in terms of packaging and artwork designs. In such scenarios, the need of the hour is to implement a robust Artwork Management System (AMS) that not only suits the regional requirements, but also have the capability for need-based scalability.

As a leading Regulatory pharmaceutical artwork services provider in UAE, Freyr Regulatory experts offer pro-active advice for companies across Healthcare sector, such as: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices that are willing to enter the region and adhere to the SFDA and other health authority regulations. With a creative and skilled team, Freyr Artwork design and pack management services cater innovative, cost effective Artwork change management solutions to support new product launches and brand re-designs.

Freyr assists clients to meet the Regulatory artwork needs with respect to the SFDA, EDA, JFDA, Israeli MoH, Oman MoH, Turkey MoH, UAE MoH, and Yemen’s SCDMA.

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Freyr Capabilities

Business Consulting & Support

  • Centralization and Standardization of End to End pharmaceutical artwork creation Process
  • Late Pack Customization
  • Product Packaging, labeling and artwork cost reduction
  • Devising strategies to reduce artwork changes globally
  • Artwork Creation (Graphic Designing Capability), Run Artwork Studio Operations
  • Proofreading – Technical Check, Text, and Formatting
  • Technical Drawing / Dieline Creation and amendments – CAD
  • Packaging, Printing, and Pre-press Knowledge Support
  • Process & System Implementation
  • Launch Artworks
  • Branding and New product pack design
  • Product Rebranding Design

Artwork Pack Management

  • Product Branding (global)
  • Company Branding (global)
  • Market Authorization Transfer
  • Manufacturing Site Transfer
  • Regulatory driven changes
  • Product Divestments

Packaging Artwork & Creative Services

  • Primary and Secondary Artworks for Cartons, Blister Foils, Tubes, Sachets, Labels etc.
  • Patient Information Leaflets Design
  • Multiple design file format output
  • Specialist proof reading and review
  • Design & Layout Creative Services
  • Pre-Press Services
  • Image Retouching
  • Illustration
  • Logo Creation
  • Branding & Formatting
  • Cover Page Design
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Scientific & Medical Books Typesetting

Freyr Advantages

  • Improved accuracy mitigating product recalls or critical incidents
  • Zero Non-compliance incidents
  • On-time design & artwork creation and product launch
  • Product & brand bredibility mitigating branding inconsistencies
  • 24/7 artwork pack management Operations
  • Multi – Geography/ Region/ Markets Support
  • Multilingual pharmaceutical artwork creation

End To End Artwork Service Contributing To Completion of 395 CRRs over the Last 6 Months

Freyr provided round the clock coverage, reducing overall turnaround time of artwork process saving almost 50% on the cost.